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Innovation House 2.0

Townsville, QLD

Innovation 2.0 is the next Evolution. It was designed to satisfy Stockland’s need for a new land sales centre and be an example of best practices in design and construction. It turns out that the future of housing is right here.

The house is 9.5-star rated and is also a platinum-level accessible house and Innovation House, an example of mainstreaming the discussion around aging in place.

The house also shows the use of amazing water-saving processing in wicking lawns and stormwater street tree trails.

As a developer, Stockland understands that the consumer is looking for change. However, they don’t usually understand how good their housing could be. They typically make selections based on the consumer components of stone benchtops and fancy tapware rather than the benefits to the humans occupying these spaces.


Using a collaborative approach and partnering with all the relevant stakeholders. Input was provided by the developer, local council, James Cook University, material suppliers and the trades onsite. With an understanding that each new idea, concept or process needed support to be implemented, people were allowed to put forward ideas that were then considered with an open view, and once selected, the solutions were allowed the necessary time and resources to be implemented. Learning was the feature for sure. Some bits were more challenging than


The first operational 5G network.
Wicking lawns and gardens to reduce stormwater runoff and store water on the lot.
Platinum-level accessible house design that adapts to a human need over time.