OUR VISION: Improving peoples lives through better solutions.

Our Story

Our Story

Innovation house was born out of a construction business’s frustration with the lack of evolution within the construction industry.

Our experience found lots of clients were being delivered solutions that were not responsive to their particular needs and that these solutions were more suited to the existing finance, land sales and construction business models.

We are living in a changing and evolving time in the past 30 years. We have seen the reunification of Germany, the launch of the Hubble space telescope, the advent of social media and now we typically have 23 internet-connected devices per household. When being approached for solutions that were matching the huge rate of change in our society we were not finding the evolution of product and solutions to suit this widespread change. Partly because the risk of developing new ideas is not readily afforded by a lone client nor is the bureaucracy of our industry readily flexible to allow for new thinking.

Why is it acceptable that 40% of the final product is absorbed in the multiple levels of government red tape and so little left to house your family?

We have set out to demonstrate successful and (sometimes) not so successful ideas so that as a community we can discuss what better housing might look like and what the lessons are that need to be learnt along the way.