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Tiny House

While the whole discussion of Tiny Houses has become very popular, but is there a better way to start your journey to a tiny house.

While there are tiny house builders out there, who are building great tiny houses, Innovation house has been working in the alternative constructions and sustainable house space for over 20 Years, giving it a unique perspective into the challenges that are faced.

This was the reason Innovation house was asked to project manage the tropical Healthy Tiny House, for CSIRO and James Cook University.
From this project we have gone on to help clients with there tiny house projects in a more hand’s on, design and project management process helping you not get caught in some of the common traps of the tiny world.

One important area that we are finding missing from a lot of current thinking with tiny houses is structural integrity and thermal performance.
This is why we have also been developing a tiny house guidelines to help councils and governments look at the future of tiny houses.
If you want good advice to go on your journey, start with experience.

Tiny Houses in Coastal Hazard areas