OUR VISION: Improving peoples lives through better solutions.

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Australia's only true change agent!

We are fighting against business as usual, driving change is our goal, you can see from the ground breaking projects that we have delivered.

It’s not just about great ideas that might improve others’ lives or solve a problem, it’s about using the innovation house framework to develop, formulate and deliver real change at any level.

This ranges from things as simple as being a better business to delivering a first of their kind sustainable projects. Our aim is to be with you the whole way through the journey.

Expect this to be hard, change is hard. Failure is part of the journey to innovation and we more than most understand, this is why we are here to help.

Let’s make a difference.


We believe that there is an unmet need in the Australian community for greater understanding of how good our housing really could be.  Our purpose is to show that better example for others to follow.

What We Do

Innovation house uses six elements to look at how best practice or at best improvement can be achieved. These elements can take more or less presidence depending on the project or your needs as a client. Below are the elements.

Too often design becomes a very one-dimensional solution, sometimes only starting with wants rather than weighing up the best outcomes for the client or the planet.

Understanding how your project fits into its environment and landscape is an important first step.

This has been shown in our projects like Innovation house 1, which is an affordable 10-star energy solution. That developed high performance by listening to solar orientations, breeze paths and material performance to deliver a great outcome.

Design also moves into understanding the needs of the occupant. Looking at accessibility, aging in place and designing to the changes in our living experiences as a modern population.

We all understand the cost of power and the impacts of this on our lifestyles. Energy efficiency is more than just adding some solar panels, understanding your needs, the impact of how you live and how to maximize energy production to be used in the best way possible. Energy prices have increased every year and don’t look like slowing down. The old statement of a dollar saved is a dollar earned has never been more true and relevant in your energy requirements.

Water and waste are concepts that for most people require a paradigm shift. What if you had to survive on 50 litres of water a day like some places in South Africa? The way you managed water and looked after your waste would be very different. Its with the paradigm Innovation House approaches projects. These projects include being involved in drought proofing projects like wicking lawns requiring no surface irrigation like in Innovation House 2.0 and also the use of green waste to rebuild soils through the process of ground swelling to product humisoil as with the golf links drive project we have been involved in.

Technology has become the backbone of anyone’s life. Technology requirements are now 24-7.. from the building you work in to the house you live in, and even when your sleeping Connectivity, integration and easy of use are the new metrics we use to measure how we are going to use the technology around us.

We spend so much time asking what is in our food but have you ever considered what was used to build in the house you live in. If you suffer from asthma, maybe you have. But for the rest of us the impacts of us off-gassing products, chemicals, sealants and paints might be more subtle, but not less detrimental to our health.

Knowing ways to limit these impacts on your health has been part of our goals, from the low VOC product choices of innovation house in 2012 through to the Healthy Tiny house built for James Cook University in 2019 we have been at the forefront of this conversation.

There are lots of great products that become available every year, but understanding how these can be used successfully to enhance a project is something that Innovation house prides itself in. From building with shipping containers, panelled products, using multiple construction methods Innovation house has seen first hand the pros and cons of a lot of products and materials.

Understanding total solutions including installation, durability and affordability are paramount.

Like we often say “ this is a solution, not THE solution”.

Use our experience to make better choices.

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