OUR VISION: Improving peoples lives through better solutions.

Innovation House 1.0

Kirwan, QLD

Innovation House 1.0 is a living experiment and was North Queensland’s first 10-star energy-efficient display home delivered at an affordable price. The house also includes all 6 of the innovation house framework elements within the project. These elements identify the key areas in which a house should improve the occupants’ lives.

The Townsville community has long believed that they can and should be leading the way in best practice solutions.
Perhaps this is driven by the tyranny of distance and this regional community’s separation from the capital city’s input. In the North, they have to find solutions to their issues from within. The community wanted answers to this question, “What does a housing best practice example look like?” So, with the support of the local community, this home was delivered to show what could be achieved. The solution had to look like a regular home and had to be at the usual price point.



As a best practice demonstration how good housing could be and what does a great example actually look and feel like.

Minimal / Zero Power Bills

Still maintained a electrical supply connection.

Public Enthusiasm

Open to the public as a display home and we had the nice challenge of having to ask people to leave so that we could move in!