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Healthy House

Healthy House

We spend so much time asking what is in our food but have you ever considered what was used to build in the house you live in?  If you suffer from asthma, maybe you have thought about the impacts of your home on your health.  For the rest of us the impacts of us off-gassing products, cooking, chemicals, sealants and paints might be more subtle to us.  Whether or not we have this awareness these insidious influences in our homes are still detrimental to our health.

Understanding how to limit these impacts on your health has been a key  part of our goals.  From the low VOC product choices of innovation house in 2012 through to the Healthy Tiny house built for James Cook University in 2019 we have been at the forefront of this conversation.

Below are some best practice application you might consider

Time Inside the Healthy Home

Most of us spend more than 90% of our lives indoors (National Research Council 1981) so it is worth thinking more closely about air quality in our homes.

With the recent impacts of COVID 19 and the associated lockdowns this percentage is likely to be higher for some of us going through this pandemic.

This article discusses the likely sources of indoor air pollutants and the possible associated health conditions. It provides advice and actions that you can take to protect the health of people living in your home. It will also help you make better informed decisions about health and indoor air quality issues when discussing a new building project or renovation with your architect, designer, builder or building material supplier.

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VOC inside the Home

Volatile Organic Compounds or abbreviated as VOC occur all around us some occur quite naturally in the environment.  Many of our indoor behaviours actually concentrate the pollutants which is something to be aware of when you are designing your new home.  Commonly air-conditioning systems recycle the indoor air but even being aware of our breath and the stale environment we can be.