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Smart Home 101

Bushland Beach, QLD

A growing family, living in suburbia on a dual income with three young children under the age of 10. Both parents are working full-time and kids have a busy schedule. Request was to upgrade their current house to a smart home, with easy on and off integration and save money on electricity.


Initially we reviewed what systems were in place and what incoming internet speed
was achievable .This allowed us to offer the customer a solution that used multiple
forms of technology allowing for back up and no overloading. Wi-Fi, IR, Zeebee &
Bluetooth technology were all installed.

All technologies overlapping each other and all being used as back up, in case one system had issues.

The customers are very happy with the ease of use of the installed system and the ability to schedule the system to automatically turn off, & see live status updates for the air conditioners and fans after leaving their home to save energy. Our next stage will be adding smart security cameras and door locks to give access to cleaners and other family members.