Week 22

It’s Week 22 and the finishing line is in sight!  In the past fortnight the floors tiles have been laid, and the vanities have started to be installed including the kitchen  en-suite and the laundry. This is the first of two kitchens being installed in the house. Later on in the year, after a fun competition (keep your eyes peeled for that one) we will be pulling that one out, and installing a second kitchen thanks to the awesome team at Moduline.

Away from the house our landscaper has been busy designing the quadrants of the garden, and we’ve had a special delivery from Cardwell for a feature in the backyard. The web guys have been busy writing content fro the website, while our designers are finalising the logo.

Have a great weekend!


Week 20

Week 20 and its tiles, previews, gallery openings and rain!

Our recycled tiles arrived on site this week and the boys are have been setting up, and laying.  These particular tiles were sourced by NQ Tile Styles. The EcoMML tile comes from Malaysia and is their first ‘green’ tile. If you’d like to find out what makes it green, you can find out more information at http://www.mymml.com/eco.asp

Our second round of interviews started this week with Gareth and Rachel taking Darren out to site to start and recording his thoughts on the house, and its progression from initial concept to week 20, to what he hopes the house will achieve.

To finish our week off we have the supplier preview this Friday afternoon, as well as our exhibition opening at Studio2 Friday night!! The exhibition opens 7pm Friday 1st March at Studio2, 486 – 488 Flinders Street West Townsville Qld 4810

The rain has also decided to join us, which makes for a fun dance. Enjoy the ‘in progress’ shots below.

Skip Diving for Art’s sake


Exhibition opens on Friday 1st March at 7pm.

If you’ve been driving  through the new Sanctum Estate over the last few weeks, and noticed some bottoms sticking out of the builders’ skips, don’t despair – it’s only local artists skip diving!

In a collaboration between Finlay Homes and Artcetera Studio2, local artists were invited to choose waste materials from the building of Finlay Homes new ‘Innovation’ home, to create artworks for the display home. A range of materials from steel to plasterboard, wiring to tiles, and even lowly rust was swooped up eagerly for transformation into art.

The Innovation home will be an educational and interactive example of sustainable living for the tropics. Not only is it designed with sustainability in mind, but it will have monitoring systems running to allow visitors to see just how much energy is being saved. As part of that environmental commitment, and in an attempt to reduce the staggering amount of building waste that heads for landfill, the furniture and artwork will be made from offcuts, recycled and waste materials.

Exhibition curator, Sue Tilley commented that the artists really enjoyed thinking outside the square, and the challenge of using such unusual materials. They also appreciated a local builder supporting local artists instead of decorating their homes with the typical mass produced décor items that you see everywhere else.

Artists include Alison McDonald, Lynn Scott Cummings, Maggie Wretham and Margot Douglas. The exhibition will be on display at Artcetera Studio2, 486-488 Flinders Street from Friday 15 February to 12 March. The official launch is at 7pm Friday 1 March.

For more information please call Sue Tilley 0418 750 854 or Finlay Homes on 4758 4758




Week 16 & Glass Louver Door

Week 16 and how hot is this heat! As our air-conditioners keep us cool and we start to wonder about the power bill, its a good reminder to us all about why we are building the Innovation House. On days like this week it begs the question, will our house, designed specifically for the tropical weather conditions, stand up in this heat? And more importantly will it keep us cool, while keeping the power bill down? We are very excited to pose answers to these questions next summer!

In the meantime the house is on a small pause as we finalise all of the wiring, monitoring systems and NBN connections being installed in the house. Once we are 100% confident that we have put in everything we want and need the internal sheeting will begin on the house.

This week I’d like to introduce you to our custom made front door specifically made for the Innovation House. The team from Bradnam’s Townsville designed this one of a kind Glass Louver Door. The idea is that by having louvers on the front door and being able to open them, we will be able to capture the breeze and funnel it through the house, meaning that we should be able to cool the house, and keep it cool faster, and cheaper. Its one of the new features being implemented at the home to combat rising energy costs and use.

COLORBOND® Coolmax® Steel in Whitehaven®

Have you ever driven by someone’s house and wondered why they have their roof in that colour? Or why did they choose steel over tiles?

The type of material you use on your roof, and the colour you choose will have a lasting impact on the temperature, energy and heating or cooling costs for the life of your home.

Having a cooler, more energy efficient building makes financial as well as environmental sense, so your choice of roof material is important. In the Innovation House we will trial a new product by COLORBOND®, called Coolmax® Steel in Whitehaven®. COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel aims to assist in maximising the thermal performance of your building, by potentially helping to reduce the annual cooling energy costs of your building by up to 7.5% when compared to COLORBOND® steel in Surfmist®.

In late 2012 the Innovation House had its roof installed, and as you can see it is quite a feature.

Week 7

There are a number of incentives to installing the COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel including the potential for a reduction on the capacity of the air-conditioning equipment you install, as well as a payback on your initial investment premium within 5 years.  If you’re interested in finding out more email contact@finlayhomes.com.au or give the office a call on (07) 4758 4758

Information was originally created by COLORBOND®


Week 13

Happy New Year! We are on deck and full steam ahead with 2013!

Just before we left for Christmas the house reached Lock Up Stage, which was quite a feat produced by all of the supervisors, tradies and labourers. The house was sheeted, windows in, and wiring almost complete. With all trades due back next week, the internals of the house will next be sheeted. On the last day of work we headed out to the Bunnings Tradestore on Webb Drive to see where some of our materials are coming from for the build of the house. The staff were very helpful and gave a quick tour of  the James Hardie products we were using on that day.

With the first week of the working week almost over for 2013 the team in the office have been busy planning and scheduling the first quarter of the year. The website, opening weekend, competitions, and editable gardens are some of the exciting things coming up!

What are you looking forward to most seeing in the house?

Week 8

We have officially reached the 2 month mark with construction of the house this week! And it has been full steam ahead since we began on Monday 15th October, that we are in fact a week early in our timeline.

This week has seen the continued installing of all of our monitoring and sensor equipment. Being an essential part of the reporting and data collection process this is a very important stage. Michael from AV Design in Townsville has been instrumental in helping us set up and organise all of this equipment. He and Darren are being interviewed this week about this process by the Townsville Bulletin, so keep an eye on in Saturday’s paper for them.

Also this week Bunnings hosted a BBQ at the house as a bit of a celebration, but also to introduce their staff to the house, and educate them on the type of products we are using in construction.

At this stage we may very well be at lock up before Christmas!

Have a good week.


Week 7

Welcome to week 7, which I think may be one of the most exciting weeks so far. The purpose of Innovation House is to enable us to trial, test and collect data on how efficient a house can be, and to experiment with alternative avenues. This week we started to install the wiring and monitoring systems that James Cook University will use to monitor the house. The awesome guys from AV Design have been busy starting the long process of installing and connecting all the wiring. This process will take us up to Christmas.

Week 6

It’s been 6 weeks since we first entered the site and the house is full steam ahead. The past fortnight has seen guttering, tie downs, internal walls and roof all installed. We’ve used a new product from Colorbond called Coolmax Steel in Whitehaven for the roof. It is a highly reflective material and brand new to the market. I’ll cover it more in depth in a future post.

As we head towards the final weeks of the year we are hoping to make lock up before Christmas, which includes starting the installation process of the wiring and monitoring systems!