OUR VISION: Improving peoples lives through better solutions.

Ginn Road - People Purpose Place

Our vision for this project is…..

By building a custom built home at this site Ginn Road is a unique opportunity to align an environment with people to create a collective household, a holistic best practice, incorporating syntropic thinking with a commercial market reality to show future potential replication.


A shared intentional household

People Purpose Place process

Ginn Road - People Purpose Place

People Purpose Place evolved to tackle some of the largest and most challenging issues with housing in Australia by delivering a model for shared intentional household.

This address is located in the idyllic countryside of the Atherton Tablelands.  Located on the fringes of the rural township of Malanda.  The parcel of land at one stage had a railway line running through the property but today is in the process of being returned to the natural rainforest habitat.

Project membership

  • This is a shared ownership model
  • To reside here you will form a shared intentional household
  • Group decision making 

Household membership

  • We are in a wildlife corridor so no domestic pet
  • Listen to the site and idyllic environment

Company charter

Meeting all of the necessary compliance while still being difficult to get in but easy to get out of.

What can a change agent provide?


We then started work applying the Innovation House process to  properties that could benefit with partnerships.

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People with Property

Is there a better use for my property rather than just selling it?

How can I maximize the value of my property?

Is succession planning a thought?

What if I like where I live, but it just doesn’t suit

My property is getting tired, how can it suit me moving forward?

I really like the idea of helping out others while getting a benefit myself!

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