Skip Diving for Art’s sake


Exhibition opens on Friday 1st March at 7pm.

If you’ve been driving  through the new Sanctum Estate over the last few weeks, and noticed some bottoms sticking out of the builders’ skips, don’t despair – it’s only local artists skip diving!

In a collaboration between Finlay Homes and Artcetera Studio2, local artists were invited to choose waste materials from the building of Finlay Homes new ‘Innovation’ home, to create artworks for the display home. A range of materials from steel to plasterboard, wiring to tiles, and even lowly rust was swooped up eagerly for transformation into art.

The Innovation home will be an educational and interactive example of sustainable living for the tropics. Not only is it designed with sustainability in mind, but it will have monitoring systems running to allow visitors to see just how much energy is being saved. As part of that environmental commitment, and in an attempt to reduce the staggering amount of building waste that heads for landfill, the furniture and artwork will be made from offcuts, recycled and waste materials.

Exhibition curator, Sue Tilley commented that the artists really enjoyed thinking outside the square, and the challenge of using such unusual materials. They also appreciated a local builder supporting local artists instead of decorating their homes with the typical mass produced décor items that you see everywhere else.

Artists include Alison McDonald, Lynn Scott Cummings, Maggie Wretham and Margot Douglas. The exhibition will be on display at Artcetera Studio2, 486-488 Flinders Street from Friday 15 February to 12 March. The official launch is at 7pm Friday 1 March.

For more information please call Sue Tilley 0418 750 854 or Finlay Homes on 4758 4758