Partnership with Josh Byrne and Innovation House 2.0

In the past there has been synergy and shared ideals around producing high performance housing examples between these passionate industry beacons.  The tyranny of distance (Josh based in Perth) and the Townsville example of Innovation House was not sufficient to prevent the natural alignment to occur.

Innovation House has been a renowned success and it has lead both Josh and Darren to consider the question “what next?”  In the very near future we will be able to publicly explore a next steps, today’s announcement can confirm that both Darren Finlay and the Innovation House team will be partnering with Josh Byrne and his research fellows to produce another outstanding example of housing solutions for the Townsville region.

The vibe and enthusiasm from the local community has been exceptional with both partners recognising the need to continue this great story and the communities appetite to ask further questions.

To refresh you memories of both previous examples refer to these sites:-