This year Finlay Homes are on a quest
to discover, what makes a sustainable home sustainable!

Tired of the multiple questions surrounding sustainability with no solid answers, we’ve decided to find the answers ourselves! This year we are building a brand new display home jam packed with as many energy saving, green options and ideas we can find.

The home will be open for you to visit, explore and experience for yourselves for 12 months. At which point Darren Finlay and his family will move in to the home to really test out their ‘sustainable claims’.

With monitoring facilities in the house, Ergon Energy and James Cook University will be able to obtain and share real data, from real people, living in an affordable sustainable home built for the tropics.

Darren will be taking you on his journey from the initial stages of building the home, discussing reasons for his choices, through to actually living in the house, and his experiences with the products.