COLORBOND® Coolmax® Steel in Whitehaven®

Have you ever driven by someone’s house and wondered why they have their roof in that colour? Or why did they choose steel over tiles?

The type of material you use on your roof, and the colour you choose will have a lasting impact on the temperature, energy and heating or cooling costs for the life of your home.

Having a cooler, more energy efficient building makes financial as well as environmental sense, so your choice of roof material is important. In the Innovation House we will trial a new product by COLORBOND®, called Coolmax® Steel in Whitehaven®. COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel aims to assist in maximising the thermal performance of your building, by potentially helping to reduce the annual cooling energy costs of your building by up to 7.5% when compared to COLORBOND® steel in Surfmist®.

In late 2012 the Innovation House had its roof installed, and as you can see it is quite a feature.

Week 7

There are a number of incentives to installing the COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel including the potential for a reduction on the capacity of the air-conditioning equipment you install, as well as a payback on your initial investment premium within 5 years.  If you’re interested in finding out more email or give the office a call on (07) 4758 4758

Information was originally created by COLORBOND®

Week 8

We have officially reached the 2 month mark with construction of the house this week! And it has been full steam ahead since we began on Monday 15th October, that we are in fact a week early in our timeline.

This week has seen the continued installing of all of our monitoring and sensor equipment. Being an essential part of the reporting and data collection process this is a very important stage. Michael from AV Design in Townsville has been instrumental in helping us set up and organise all of this equipment. He and Darren are being interviewed this week about this process by the Townsville Bulletin, so keep an eye on in Saturday’s paper for them.

Also this week Bunnings hosted a BBQ at the house as a bit of a celebration, but also to introduce their staff to the house, and educate them on the type of products we are using in construction.

At this stage we may very well be at lock up before Christmas!

Have a good week.


Week 7

Welcome to week 7, which I think may be one of the most exciting weeks so far. The purpose of Innovation House is to enable us to trial, test and collect data on how efficient a house can be, and to experiment with alternative avenues. This week we started to install the wiring and monitoring systems that James Cook University will use to monitor the house. The awesome guys from AV Design have been busy starting the long process of installing and connecting all the wiring. This process will take us up to Christmas.

Sustainability, a new definition.

What is sustainability? It’s a term that has got lost and become a football mainly political. But Sustainability is Australian, its an ironically Australian term, “The ability to sustain yourself with what you have”.

This goes to the pioneering nature of Australia, less than 2-3 generations ago, in recent memory, our explorers where perishing by making the mistake of defying our environment. Burke and Wills in the 1860’s lost a fight against our environment, not long before your Grand or Great-grandparents came into the world.

We are slow to learn the lessons of the existing inhabitants, that living with the land was the secret, take what you need and renew or allow to do so.

So we shouldn’t be overwhelmed or pigeonholed by the term sustainability, it goes to the heart of being Australian, its Australabilty, its Austainability its Pioneerabilty, its common sense.

The heady days of the boom and GFC walked us towards excess and an attitude of take, take, take. But as with every economic cycle that follows a boom, we need a return to simple, easy practicality, history has shown us this. A return to self-sufficiency, history has shown us this. But we are slow learners.

Sustainability in Australia has actually been a term of Red and Black, not Green. In Australia sustainability started about being driven by economics, and common sense. How can I sustain myself with what I have, because it makes sense?

Guess what the benefits of being sustainable are? You’re better off, and as a by-product, so is your neighbourhood, so is your Town, your City, your State, your nation and your Planet.

So why not be sustainable then? It’s easy; all it needs is your attention and thought. Easy! Embrace

Austalability its good for everyone.

Darren Finlay.

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