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Innovation House 2.0

Townsville, QLD Innovation 2.0 is the next Evolution. It was designed to satisfy Stockland’s need for a new land sales centre and be an example of best practices in design and construction. It turns out that the future of housing is right here. The house is 9.5-star rated and is also a platinum-level accessible house […]

Innovation House 1.0

Kirwan, QLD Innovation House 1.0 is a living experiment and was North Queensland’s first 10-star energy-efficient display home delivered at an affordable price. The house also includes all 6 of the innovation house framework elements within the project. These elements identify the key areas in which a house should improve the occupants’ lives. The Townsville […]

Tropical Tiny Healthy House

Townsville, QLD Townsville in North Queensland, but this tiny house is also on wheels, so it travels. Purpose The client was specifically interested in the material selection, processes used and the resulting indoor air quality of the built product. Being a tiny house on wheels the house allowed the client to live modestly without many […]

Atlas Soils Waste Remediation

Kirwan, QLD Atlas Soils asked for feedback on the project planning and some direct site supervision.From our working relationship, we understood each business’s capabilities and were happy to collaborate to deliver this key project. There was an extensive project plan to drain the ponds and remove excess organic matter however there were limitations of knowledge […]

Smart Home 101

Bushland Beach, QLD A growing family living in suburbia on a dual income with three young children under the age of 10. Both parents are working full-time, and the kids have a busy schedule. The request was to upgrade their current house to a smart home with easy on-and-off integration and to save money on […]

Triple Zero House

South Townsville This consumer wanted assistance to deliver a triple-zero house. Purpose A house designed sustainably that can generate enough energy to fulfil the needs of the property (triple-zero standard). This will mean no energy bills from the local power company. Frank is a consumer that wanted Innovation House assistance to deliver a triple-zero house. “The […]